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Lea-Artibai Health Unit

This project has been defined between stakeholders -Azaro Fundazioa, Leartibai Garapen Agentzia and Leartiker/Lea Artibai Ikastetxea- in the economic development of Lea-Artibai so that it has carried out a process for the design of the regional economic future based on the differential competences of the region.

As a first step, a regional diagnosis that includes the strengths and weaknesses of the region and its technology map was made. Given this map, analysing the region records and crossing it with trends and development of emerging industries, it is determined that the health sector is an area of interest to focus the regional growth strategy.

Given that the strengths of the region are focused on food technologies, in a first strong sector related to fishing and agriculture, processing and research in polymers and that some of the region's trailblazing businesses are starting to crossover into this sector, the social health map of the Basque Autonomous Community is taken as a reference and a contrast of areas and technologies is performed. As a result of the above, the areas of activity of the health strategy are defined:

• Healthy: initiatives related to healthy food and healthy tourism

• Sustainable biosciences facilities

• Medical equipment

• Medical devices

 It has been a bottom-up process with the involvement of public authorities, businesses, centres related to entrepreneurship and improving business competitiveness and the technology centres in the region. The businesses in the region have also been involved in the definition of the plan.


Objective: to promote and support the creation of new, value-added economic activity and employment in the Lea-Artibai region and immediate surroundings with the health sector.


Basic strategic lines:

1. Specialization and quality in health: acquiring knowledge to increase quality of projects by the agents of regional development.

2. Accompanying companies: defining new collaborative frameworks for identifying and developing business in this area.

3. Uptake and exploitation of new business ideas in health and healthy: pipeline management ideas.

4. Collaboration with strategic partners in the healthcare system, government agents, etc.

5. Attracting companies.