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General Objective


Renew the fabric of the region through the creation of new businesses and innovation projects and intra-entrepreneurship in businesses of the Region, preferably in the defined strategic fields/sectors (health, healthy, -food, wellness). To do this, they will work on the keys to the competitiveness of the regional business community: Entrepreneurship, cooperation, innovation, internationalization and redefining business models and management. The methodological working approach revolves around a systemic view of local development and taking into account the principles of the blue economy.



Strategic action sectors/areas






Blue Economy-Systemic Design in Lea Artibai


Through Azaro Fundazioa, the Region has become interested in Blue Economy "philosophy" hand in hand with its main driver Gunter Pauli and the region is currently undergoing a process of identifying and implementing environmentally and economically sustainable business projects.

Premises on which the economic model of the Blue Economy is erected:

1. Technologically tested projects with a multicash approach.
2. Projects that avoid intermediaries.
3. Projects designed based on local fabric potentials.
4. Systemic design: methodology-approach for definition and management of projects.
5. We start with the primary sector and look for links with other sectors.
6. Waste 0
7. Do tank

……In short, a new approach to re-industrialisation”.







Collaborations, partners of the Lea-Artibai BIOBERDEA, BLUE ECONOMY project



Gunter Pauli
ZERI Foundation
Turin Polytechnic, Systemic Design Unit
Other experts and consultants
Basque Government and Bizkaia Provincial Council

Participants in the project:

Lea-Artibai Town Councils and Groupings of Municipalities
Regional training, research and innovation centres
Companies from the Region
People with experience in the business sphere, from the Region, and from civil society in general

Project revitalization:

Azaro Fundazioa
Leartibai Garapen Agentzia